The Ingredients in E-Liquids

E Liquids come in many forms such as ready mixes, concentrated nicotine liquid, gum, lozenges and liquid inhalers, among others. The ingredient list may vary depending on the brand and formula of your preferred e-liquid. Generally, the main ingredients found in an average eliquid are the following (also in order of relevance according to their percentage in the total):


Propylene Glycol. A stabilizing agent which maintains the stability of eliquids when heated. Generally used in food and medicine to control bacteria growth and also as a vehicle for imparting scent to products. Propylene Glycol is a very inexpensive ingredient, however, do not expect great taste and aroma from using it. Common flavors and scents used with e-liquids containing Propylene Glycol are vegetable and fruity.

Vegetable Glycerin. A humectant which makes products moist and at the same time absorbent enough to allow water vapor to be breathed in easily. Commonly included in moistened fruit juices, cookies, cakes and puddings and other baking treats.

Vegetable oil. The fatty acids found in vegetable oil to give eliquids their characteristic flavor and scent. Commonly used in diabetic and hypoglycemic diabetic diets and in candies and chewing gums. It provides a medium for flavoring e-liquids by enhancing the intensity of certain tastes. However, it is toxic to pregnant women, so it’s usually avoided in those cases, except where there is no alternative.

Water and alcohol. This is the main constituent in a wide range of flavored vapor rubs, shampoos and wash-cloths. The flavoring and taste sensations remain for a longer period of time. Less common as an ingredient in eliquid, but has similar effects on the taste buds. Usually, alcohol-based products contain diacetyl, water or propylene glycol and cannot be used by diabetics.

Diabetic People. There is more to flavored e-liquid than water and propylene glycol, because of the sugar and other flavorings that may not be suitable for diabetics. Commonly used as a sweetener or flavor in baking and other dessert products, e-liquid that contains natural or artificial sweetness. Some manufacturers add sugar, corn syrup, Stevia, sucrose or any other sugar substitute to make the product more appealing to diabetics, but it is wise to choose a eliquid that does not contain such ingredients. As a result, only diabetic patients can enjoy the rich taste of genuine vapor rub.

Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol. Commonly found as vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol in food and cosmetic products, this is the main ingredient of baby formula. Not generally considered healthy, this substance should be avoided by pregnant and breastfeeding women, children, and people with respiratory disease. However, propylene glycol has been found to be safe for consumption when added to certain foods and drinks. Therefore, use it in moderation.

If you have health problems, you should avoid some of the common ingredients that you see in e-liquids. Nicotine is a dangerous stimulant. It may cause dizziness, relaxation or depression and even death. Aluminum glycerin has been known to cause diarrhea and vomiting in certain individuals and should be avoided in any e-liquid supplement. Always take it with food and never take it with e-liquid to satisfy your craving for sweets.