Levelup Reality VR Arcade

Levelup Reality VR Arcade is the premier virtual reality arcade in downtown Toronto with a large game library. They transport their guests entirely out of their world and into another — whether that’s walking along the edge of Everest or surviving a zombie apocalypse.

Powered by Zero Latency, the arena lets up to eight players Levelup Reality VR Arcade physically navigate considerable distances and collaborate in heart-racing challenges that require teamwork to complete. Located inside LEVEL UP, MGM Grand’s tech-savvy gaming lounge, the exhilarating experience complements the lounge’s collection of new-to-market skill-based games and traditional favorites that are perfect for enhancing social interaction and sparking friendly competition. Reservations are available starting September 8.

With 80+ games and experiences to choose from, there is a virtual reality experience for everyone at Levelup. Defend a fort against violent orcs, dance at a high-tech disco, conquer rough seas as captain of your own ship, imagine yourself as a superhero, and even play a round of virtual dodge ball with friends.

Players can also challenge friends and family to multiplayer games in which they can see and hear each other in the same virtual worlds. Space Pirate Trainer, for example, has players fighting off hordes of lethal droids using all the weapons a space pirate would need. Evasion, on the other hand, is a sci-fi shooter where players use powerful Surge Attacks to destroy lethal Optera while they run and dodge in a fast-paced story campaign.

Regardless of their chosen game, all guests must be at least 8 years old and sign a waiver before playing. They are also required to wear socks at all times and remain within the VR boundaries of the game at all times. The contemporary arcade also features an industrial bar where guests can enjoy snacks, drinks and beverages before or after their experience, including homemade gin and regional beers.