Faith-Based True Life Recovery

True Life Recovery

The True Life Recovery Program was created by Dr. Morris David. The program was developed as a resource for the men and women in recovery from addiction. The goal of the program is to help the individual discover their purpose in life, understand their addiction, and find a way to connect to a Higher Power. The True Life Recovery program is an eleven week Christian-based residential program specifically for men with addictions or other life obstacles. Potential residents are approved into the program following a successful assessment at the Crossroads Treatment Center.

In the 12 step program of the True Life Recovery program, the participant must first identify their addiction. Once identified, they are assigned a counselor who will serve as a coach and mentor. This is followed by one on one counseling and one on one therapy. If drug or alcohol is a problem, family members play an integral part in recovering addicts as they are the ones most likely to need the services of the professionals. With continued counseling, the client gains a better understanding of their addiction, learns new coping skills and develops a stronger sense of self.

The True Life Recovery program focuses on finding a solution to the problem and not just an addiction. The program provides an overall spiritual approach to recovery from addiction and emphasizes the importance of finding that higher power. Since its inception, the True Life program has grown to include over 80 hospitals and treatment centers throughout the United States.

Unlike some programs, the True Life Recovery program does not have a one size fits all solution. Men of all ages and backgrounds can be counseled and trained in the 12 step program. Men who are married or in relationships are also encouraged to participate. Participants experience the same stages of addiction and healing as non-participating men do, and the program works equally well with male or female addicts. Through this unique and innovative program, men learn to take pride in their sobriety and are helped to realize their potential for self-empowerment.

The True Life program offers its services in gender-specific groups depending on the client’s needs. In gender-specific groups, men share their story of overcoming addiction and how their relationship with their wife and family has been affected by their disease. Through group discussions and activities, recovering addicts gain a sense of support and strength that is lacking when they are sharing their story with a therapist on their own. When families are supportive and diligent about checking in with the client, it is easier for them to stay committed to the recovery process.

Faith-based recovery does not require a belief in a Higher Power or a strict practice of religious faith in order to achieve success. It is based on the belief that there is a higher power than ourselves who can help guide us through our struggles and help us to keep on going. Faith-based life recovery requires that we have the courage to turn toward the One Who supplies the source of our inner light and find the courage to follow our faith. Through faith-based recovery, we become aware of our gifts and talents and the possibilities of what a life of purpose can be.